We are a community of people

working together to create world-class hospitality experiences that surpass expectations each & every time.

Our Properties

Crowne Plaza

Newton, MA

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Bad Lab Beer Co.

Somersworth, NH

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Future Development:

Newington, NH

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Future Development:

White River Junction, VT

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Future Development:

Salem, NH

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Portsmouth, NH

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Our Story

Based in Portsmouth, New Hampshire, Key Hospitality is a relatively new hospitality management company with a significant history of creating value for our owners through world-class hotel business acumen.

We started Key Hospitality as the result of a commitment to do what we love, but we wanted to do it differently and better. We are a community of people who have deep passion for hospitality. We are committed to nourishing a strong, involved, caring, and excellent culture. We are a fun community of coworkers who think and act like owners. We are people who want to own our career, and our behavior – we care about being active participants in the process of influencing a caring, excellent, and high-performance culture. Because it is our company, we look for ways to be less wasteful, be more efficient, recycle and reuse. As responsible business owners, it’s important to know our bottom-line results and to demonstrate financial acumen. Our team has the proven ability to position and reposition hotels through a fanatical, revenue generating mentality that is balanced by a rigorous approach toward innovation and smart cost control at all turns of the business. While the hotel business traditionally looks at “employees” as expendable place holders, we are committed to our coworkers. Why are we “coworkers”? Our operating philosophy is simple, WE > me. We is greater than me. The philosophy revolves around teamwork. If WE are willing to work as a team, WE can make anything happen. The philosophy centers on everyone working together as one.

No one person being more important than the whole. Each and every person striving towards the same goal, whatever that goal might be. It doesn’t matter what the situation, if we make “WE” greater than me, anything can be accomplished. It’s about full and continuous collaboration that is unwavering. We believe that the collective is stronger than the individual and that informed coworkers will make responsible decisions. We are committed to helping our people grow and develop with us in a way that cultivates their potential while benefiting our guests and our owners.


The name “key” was chosen as it refers to something that affords means of access, something that secures entrance to a place, something that affords a means of clarifying a problem. Unlocking the potential of our people and our assets is at the core of our responsibility. Our logo, the visual representation of our company and our culture, is our “infinite loop”. It signifies our continuous commitment to our coworkers, collaboration and high-performance while providing the critical solution to the exceptional success of every guest’s needs during their stay with us.


Key ABC's

Act like owners

Be yourself

Listen generously

Speak straight

Honor commitments

Look out for each other

Do the right thing

Show appreciation

Dedication to high involvement culture and a caring, high performing workforce

The collective is stronger than the individual

Informed coworkers make responsible decisions

Be great stewards in the communities where we work

Social and environmental responsibility

Dedication to modeling our ABCs

Cultivating and unlocking potential through learning

Balancing needs of the company, our coworkers and their families

Trusting each other and committing to authentic relationships

Continuous innovative quality and efficiency improvements

Having fun